Paulo Garrido

Algoritmi Centre and Department of Industrial Electronics

School of Engineering University of Minho

pgarrido at dei dot uminho dot pt


Our time is a fascinating and adventurous one because humankind has the prospect of making a jump in knowledge that will open a new era of prosperity in History. However, such a jump is only possible, not warranted. "Which research, teaching or action is the best contribution to a successful jump?", is a question with a different answer from each person. The following describes how I see mine.


My general interest of research is human social evolution. My specific research areas are:

Collective Intelligence is the intelligence of an entity, which is not atomic. The crucial question of human collective intelligence is how can we make organizations and societies more collectively intelligent? The promise is, of course, increased prosperity.



Agent-based Modelling, Simulation and Optimization of Processes are important to understand, get insight or manage technical systems as well as human organizations.



Human Learning is a key factor both at the organizational and social levels. I have made a proposal for a “socratic - like” development methodology for teaching interfaces.


I currently teach several courses on systems theory and control in the electronics and communications engineering programmes of UM.


I currently hold a position of Associate Professor.


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